Ok, first problem with Fedora 34: Moby (the open version of Docker) does not start.

@juliobiason have you tried podman, it's almost a drop-in replacent for docker.

Do you know how Moby is different from podman?

@dima No idea, actually.

I remember I installed Moby 'cause Docker not installing on Fedora 32 (or 33, can't remember) and there was a post on Fedora Magazine about installing Moby instead.

Here is the post: fedoramagazine.org/docker-and-

@dima I have a "Learn to use Podman" on my TODO list, but since I'm only using it for work, it is always "FUCK! I need to fix this instead of figuring out how to use something else!" :/


@juliobiason I've found this series of articles incredibly useful mkdev.me/en/posts/dockerless-p

It goes into details in how to build an image that I didn't fully grasp. What I really liked that it set the right mindset.

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