How is doing? As I'm posting pictures, it might be a better fit.

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@dima this is what I struggled to understand when Instagram first appeared: what's the point, if you can post pictures perfectly well on Twitter? Filters? Or just novelty? Same feeling here about Pixelfed. I just don't get it :-)

@isagalaev I personally started using Instagram because it was faster at uploading pictures. Facebook was too slow. I believe the trick Instagram did was to start uploading a file before the upload button was presses. What a neat trick to get several billion dollars later.

Why would I use Pixelfed, not Mastodon now? Mostly curiosity. Maybe Pixelfed interface is tailerod toward picture viewing. That would be the second reason.

@dima @isagalaev it really depends on what you want a photo sharing service for. I have a Piwigo installation because I want a private photo album for my amateur photography and for photos my friends/family can enjoy. They get email updates and print worthy file sizes. I can share private albums with special links. I can make photos/albums public at lower resolution if I want. It's a simpler php app and runs well.

@dima @isagalaev I like pixelfed because of the focus on images/image discovery. It's obviously a more "social" app. Still needs polish vs mastodon though

@trevdev @isagalaev Nice. I was thinking what to use to share photo albums with my family, I'll give Piwigo a try

@dima @isagalaev just drop an installation into shared hosting with PHP 7+ and set up a SQL server, you're good to go

@isagalaev @dima The UI and the social context are centered around the picture being the important thing rather than an attachment, and captions and comments take second seat.

One UI cannot be best at everything, so we have different ones. I don't know if Pixelfed also adds things like automatically rescaling for different devices, but it could. PeerTube does that for videos, and provides other functionality relevant to videos. Those features might not be a good fit for a microblog interface and backend.
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