Hello fedi. I'm awake at 1AM because AWS data-centers in Frankfurt are experiencing "increased ambient temperatures"[1], and totally not fires at all. Our systems are down, and we can't reach the machines, yay.

And no, no HA here, we're too poor to have that.

[1] https://status.aws.amazon.com/

@rozenglass Adding "AWS physically on fire" to the list of bizarre outages.

@alexbuzzbee They published a status update that includes the following:

> While temperatures continue to return to normal levels, engineers are still not able to enter the affected part of the Availability Zone. We believe that the environment will be safe for re-entry within the next 30 minutes, but are working on recovery remotely at this stage.

I don't think they'd say that about some hot computers :P

It's probably a fire.
@hyphen @alexbuzzbee

> The environmental conditions within the affected Availability Zone have now returned to normal levels. We will provide further details on the root cause in a subsequent posts, but can confirm that there was no fire within the facility.


@rozenglass @hyphen @alexbuzzbee I wonder whether when they say there was no fire, they mean there definitely was fire.

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