Why a lot of tweets pretend to be toots and show up in my fediverse timeline?

@dima some people use crossposter software which works across both platforms...


@vfrmedia that makes sense. I know these things exist.

I'm a bit worried about this trend. There is a risk that fediverse will become a "cheaper" version of twitter. Fediverse has such a great chance to grow to something unique that no corporation can build.

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@dima crossposters have been around since 2017 - if anything people are using them less nowadays (and some instances strongly discourage or do not allow their use).

If anything Fediverse is more upmarket version of Twitter, it tends to attract people who are well educated, open minded and often know more than one (human) language as well as computer programming (as others are scared away by "foreign" languages on the timelines!)

@vfrmedia maybe my timeline experienced a change recently or I learned to distinguish crospossts and toots.

This is what like in fediverse: open minded people who do some cool stuff (please keep doing it).

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