Went to a Fontains DC concert tonight. It was an absolute blast. The band is fantastic live.

Some pictures from a winter hike in Trinity Alps in Northern California

Last weekend I went skiing with a friend. We spent most of the day hitting moguls, it was a lot of fun.

It could have been a good option for a data center, but not for an office desk.

My next idea was to try liquid cooling. I got a GPU mounting bracket from NZXT and Corsair fan from e-bay.

The end result looks great and is quiet enough.

My noise baseline is the fridge. My laptop and the GPU enclosure are quieter than the fridge.

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More on my cheap GPU experience.

I got a Tesla K40m. This card is meant to be used in workstations and datacenters. It doesn't have a fan. Instead, it has a massive heat sink. It's assumed that there is enough airflow to keep the thing cool.

it works! Now when I connect any of my laptops, the keyboard and the mouse just work

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My frame.work was delivered this morning! It's an absolutely gorgeous piece of hardware. Setting it up was nothing but pleasure.

Today I spend quite some time putting together an new Ikea desk frame with motors and a desk top I had.

It's a combination of 2 models. I had to drill some holes to put them together. I like the end result.

This morning I learned about the PyBay.com conference in SF. Here I'm am listening to Puthon talks and talking to Python people

I'm back after almost a week long hike in Trinity Alps.

I plan to spend a long weekend and company-wide holiday hiking in Trinity Alps in upstate California.

Yesterday I picked up a backpack and packed. Surprisingly, everything fits including a camera, lenses and food.

I'll use an electronic map in addition to an old school map.

To keep my bottom dry and clean I cut out a shield out of a roll mat.

P.S. I like the term Upstate California, because Bay Area us referred to as "Northern California". Bay area is in the middle, imho!

Did my first swim in ages and it was better than expected!

Today I swam in the ocean for the first time after after I moved to California a year and a half ago! I did swim in the pool and did a couple of open water swim in the Bay before.

Hopefully one day my face will get used to cold water and I'll be as happy as this sea elephant.

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