@meena twice. Last time I was spending 4+ hours a day on LI filing applications for about a month.

@inexcode @suika это за транслитерацию наценка

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In guix situation was different last time I tried i.e., running `sway` wasn't enough. You have to see the mailing list on how others are doing it.

Went to a Fontains DC concert tonight. It was an absolute blast. The band is fantastic live.

Is it possible to install a Python package in an editable mode so that it worked on a host and inside a container?

@mo а если место ssh использовать mosh, то совсем красота

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"The drop into the atmosphere was textbook-perfect - smooth, fast and quiet. I found a clearing near where the target had disappeared, and I was feeling good about being home by the weekend." #blender3d #MastoArt #fediart #conceptart #scifiart #worldbuilding

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If the software mostly works
You must ship it
Bug reporter only lurks
You must ship it
Schedule made up by jerks
You must ship it

Now ship it
Into prod
Check it out
Merge done
Try to test it
It's not too bad
Now ship it
Ship it good

nev learns python 

@wlonk @nev to mitigate this and know what datetime is, I usually import it like this:

import datetime as dt

And then use like this:


Some pictures from a winter hike in Trinity Alps in Northern California

@Evv1L @lyyn @dside

Он ставит необходимые лейблы для файлов, чтобы SELinux не плокировал операции к ним.

@Evv1L @lyyn если
SELinux включен, то нужно указывать :z или :Z как опцию монтирования:

- /config:/config:z

conda.io is available in Fedora. To install it, it's enough to run:

sudo dnf install conda

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@mapcuk btrfs бы подошёл особенно если надо откатить изменения.

Я бы посмотрел в сторону borg, он может сравнивать архивы borgbackup.readthedocs.io/en/s не знаю как это будет по производительности и насколько легко будет откатиться.

Мигрировать на btrfs может быть легче, чем придумывать что-то другое.

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