@craigmaloney or when one forgot to switch modes in vim

> we are slowing down on feature development and allowing ourselves to catch up on refactoring.

Are developers ultimately in charge for the commitment and responsible for the delivery? How does product owner and other parties react when commitment is not aligned with their plans?

@clacke I agree, nobody likes maintaining an old PR.

@clacke I tried this approach in one project, but we ended up in a situation "delivery" teams were developing mediocre code and a few folks from an infrastructure team were chasing new features by cleaning up and writing tests.

How do you make sure that XYZ improvement gets done?

@fribbledom if Linux is used as a host. The overhead appears when Docker is used on Mac or Windows.

The overhead might be managable for developing a web app, but for a spark number crunching monster it could be too much.

@trevdev @isagalaev Nice. I was thinking what to use to share photo albums with my family, I'll give Piwigo a try

@isagalaev I personally started using Instagram because it was faster at uploading pictures. Facebook was too slow. I believe the trick Instagram did was to start uploading a file before the upload button was presses. What a neat trick to get several billion dollars later.

Why would I use Pixelfed, not Mastodon now? Mostly curiosity. Maybe Pixelfed interface is tailerod toward picture viewing. That would be the second reason.

How is doing? As I'm posting pictures, it might be a better fit.

@libc Im sure they don't care about anyone. They just chill. xD

Today I swam in the ocean for the first time after after I moved to California a year and a half ago! I did swim in the pool and did a couple of open water swim in the Bay before.

Hopefully one day my face will get used to cold water and I'll be as happy as this sea elephant.

@juliobiason You might need to install rpms from docker. I vaguely remember a tutorial with the first step being "remove docker if you installed it from FC repo and use rpms from docker website"

@juliobiason I've found this series of articles incredibly useful mkdev.me/en/posts/dockerless-p

It goes into details in how to build an image that I didn't fully grasp. What I really liked that it set the right mindset.

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What's the best Android open source distro these days if you want a completely de-Googlized Android phone that can still maybe use Yalp and Micro-G?

@juliobiason I'm not an expert, as I've just started using containers.

If you want to use docker, I would install an official rpm from the docker website. I don't think Fedora supports docker.

Podman works for me. Rootless mode is amazing, because any user can start a container. I didn't have a problem with container images from docker hub.

@juliobiason have you tried podman, it's almost a drop-in replacent for docker.

Do you know how Moby is different from podman?

@hn100 has someone tried CoreOS? Does it worth migrating to it if all my services are running inside containers?

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@be I have a pixel 1 that I bought used with lineage on it. Definitely curious about both of those - would love to get feedback from folks who have tried them out!

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Finally got x86 LineageOS to be emulated on my desktop... ASOP is a beast of a large project.

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