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Sponsorship Open: “Run Your Own Mail Server” - Michael Lucas: mwl.io/archives/22665

@mo ок, у меня тоже дела

@mo это загадка для меня. Тут надо код смотреть

@mo интересно, но не понятно, почему он видит старое значение.

Я стараюсь такие ситуации избегать или созданием объекта, который хранит состояние и передается кому надо, или избежанием присваивания

def f():
global x = 1

Что-то типа

x = []
def f();

Список это просто пример мутабельной структуры.

Если первый вариант был таким
from main import rmq_connection
То новые значения rmq_connection не будут видны.

import main
Должен видеть новое значение.

My favorite articles talk about a website without giving a link to that site.

Connected 2 machines that are on the same LAN. Ping times went down from 20ms to 2ms.

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I use Wireguard to setup a private network and selfhost apps on a server at home with running a reverse proxy in the cloud. This setup works great.

Today I'll give github.com/juanfont/headscale a try to see whether it simplifies client management

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I got my personal instance of @forgejo running with @WoodpeckerCI and now I’ve really got no reason to miss GitHub or Docker Hub for my personal projects. Recommend this setup highly to others who are trying to reduce their dependence on proprietary providers.

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Can anyone tell me how I can stove Chromium-based browser for babysitting me when I connect through a portal?

Yes, thank you, I know hackers (my IT department) is using insecure methods (http) but that's what I have to use until I jump on a VPN.

How do I just make it open the portal and shut up? I tired turning off https only and allowing the site through a whitelist on the security tab, doesn't work.

#networking #sécurity

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Pro tip: use nmcli(1) to turn your computer into a Wi-Fi hotspot from a command line, then scan QR code to connect your phone!
#NetworkManager #Linux #WiFi #nmcli

@aral it looks great. I'll give it a try and might migrate from tmux.

On a related note, fewonths ago I gave fish a try and never looked back.

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A unix question i periodically ask:

What modern utilities should be a standard part of a modern unixy distro? Why?

I've got jq, pandoc, tldr and a few others on my list, but I'd love to know others; boosts appreciated.

This is another song that sounds different now than it sounded back then.


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I wish the war and suffering in Ukraine to end.

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When I was in highschool, there was a New Year show that invited pop and rock artists to sing together and have fun. That was a neat, fresh and fun to watch alternative to established Russian mainstream shows in mid 2000s.

Back then this video of a Russian, a Ukrainian and a Latvian was just a performance. I could not imagine that there would be time that this would be impossible. Now I'm not even sure that I'll see something similar in my lifespan.


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I'm looking for an offline tool to locally review Git commits/PR

My need is to regularly look for updates in a repository, and mark commits I reviewed myself. This can't be plugged in into an existing repo / tool.

Any idea if something exists?

Let imagine I want to review changes in a package repository after it has been merged upstream, but I want to keep track of my work (and ideally publish it)

@aliceschwarze It's a tiny C++ binary that's good at creating and updating environments.

I use both conda and micromamba.

micromamba create -p .venv/ -f environment.yml
micromamba update -f environment.yml -p .venv/
to create and update the env. When a new dependency is added, I need to run `micromamba install`.

After that usual `conda activate .venv/` activates the env.

@aliceschwarze I've noticed that conda became much slower, especially if cuda is among the dependencies.

Now I use micromamba to manage the environments.


The documentation is a bit all over the place. You basically need to get the micromamba binary in your path and you are ready to use.

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Starting today you can order free COVID tests from the US Government again. Keep you and your family safe by testing this holiday season. covid.gov/tests

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