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@youcantoo My idea is to run a virtual machine in the cloud that has a real IP.

I'll set up VPN between my home PC and the virtual machine. This will allow me to redirect traffic from VM to PC

@youcantoo this would work for me, if I had a dynamic real IP. I got assigned a private IP which is not accessible from the Internet.

I'm in the process of changing ISP. The new provider is cheaper and faster, but they don't provide a real IP. What would be the best way to redirect traffic from a real IP to a server behind NAT?

@youcantoo Good to know. My initial plan was to camp in Oregon, but I could not reserve camp sites there.

I was surprised that fires were allowed. I explicitly asked rangers.

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You can discover interesting accounts on the Fediverse by browsing the @FediFollows directory:

Also recommended is Trunk, an opt-in directory of people looking for followers:

There is also an account recommending interesting videos on the Fediverse at:


#FediTips #MastoTips #Fediverse #Mastodon #Follows

@vegan @inhosin Чтение может быть не так эффективно, так как это пассивное действие. На первых парах может помочь.

Это будет очень странно, но можно попробовать с русскоговорящими коллегами говорить только по-английски по рабочим вопросам.

Для преодоления авторского блока советуют непрерывно писать на протяжение нескольких минут. Я так делал, когда диплом начинал писать.

@inhosin Хороший вопрос. Может, просто пробовать говорит в слух без перерыва, что придет в голову по несколько минут в день по-английски. Типа "я сижу на стуле, и мне надо что-то говорить... А время идёт медленно". Не важно что, важен сам процес и его последовательность.

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Tomorrow I will launch the curl user survey 2021 with a bunch of questions to users to learn what you think about curl, its future and its features. This annual procedure is really the best and only way we have to get feedback from users at a wider scale.

@kai thanks, this is the first thing I've noticed. There is no well defined notion of '"fee space". I thought I had to reserve space for snapshots, but it's not necessary.

I've finally tried BTRFS snapshots. Enabled compression and regular snapshots. I hope my setup will work smoothly and reliably.

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@dima do you know of any good opensource hosted whiteboard software?

@craigmaloney or when one forgot to switch modes in vim

> we are slowing down on feature development and allowing ourselves to catch up on refactoring.

Are developers ultimately in charge for the commitment and responsible for the delivery? How does product owner and other parties react when commitment is not aligned with their plans?

@clacke I agree, nobody likes maintaining an old PR.

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