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Ironically, shortly after posting previous message my phone started vibrating without showing any message. After a minute I got a notification for a missed call.

Here we go, we've got a phone that makes it impossible to answer a call!

It might be not a big deal in consumers. But is there really a different set of standards for medical or military use?

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I see poor execution everywhere.

IT "solutions" that are actually poorly created and over engineered pieces put together with duck tape.

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Netflix got me so deep into murder series that I don't see any other genre recommended. YouTube decided not to show the ad skip button when I cast to Chromecast on my phone, but it teases me that I'm "able" to skip an an ad in 5 seconds. I close the app instead.

What if current major content providers loose their market share just because of poor implementation of new features.

I'm back after almost a week long hike in Trinity Alps.

I plan to spend a long weekend and company-wide holiday hiking in Trinity Alps in upstate California.

Yesterday I picked up a backpack and packed. Surprisingly, everything fits including a camera, lenses and food.

I'll use an electronic map in addition to an old school map.

To keep my bottom dry and clean I cut out a shield out of a roll mat.

P.S. I like the term Upstate California, because Bay Area us referred to as "Northern California". Bay area is in the middle, imho!

@vfrmedia maybe my timeline experienced a change recently or I learned to distinguish crospossts and toots.

This is what like in fediverse: open minded people who do some cool stuff (please keep doing it).

(as I'm in a chatty mood)

I was also surprised how two products of a big corporation flooded my timeline.

@vfrmedia that makes sense. I know these things exist.

I'm a bit worried about this trend. There is a risk that fediverse will become a "cheaper" version of twitter. Fediverse has such a great chance to grow to something unique that no corporation can build.

Why a lot of tweets pretend to be toots and show up in my fediverse timeline?

@monocle шутки - шутками, но это может быть лучшее решение в интересах избирателей :)

@davidgasquez it looks like code snippets on steroids. However, I don't find this example useful, it uses "compositional" name, but the function itself become a brick that is difficult to extend and reuse.

I and to deal with codebase that had functions like send_tweet(), send_tweet_with_image(), send_tweet_with_repeat_on_fail() and so on. A lot of code repetition for what could be one function.

@kai it's always cold, it's Pacific ocean. But jokes aside, in a wet suit it's fine. There were many people swimming without them.

Did my first swim in ages and it was better than expected!

@ParadeGrotesque @sng keep us posted. I'm planing an open water swim tomorrow morning

@rozenglass @hyphen @alexbuzzbee I wonder whether when they say there was no fire, they mean there definitely was fire.

@ParadeGrotesque I have old Garmin swimming watch. They cover all you need: distance, time let lap, stroke, rest time. Newer Garmin watches also can track heart rate, but they are more expensive.

@ParadeGrotesque well done. I'm yet to get back to the pool...

I've migrated to the following setup:

* A virtual machine in Linode cloud
* The VM runs wireguard and redirects traffic from the ports that I care about
* My server connects to Wireguard

The trick is to initial a connection from the server to the VM when a WG interface is up. As it's the server that is able to connect to the VM (not the other way round).

The solution I came up was to ping VM after a wg0 interface is up. I basically have this:

PostUp = ping X.Y.Z.Z -c 10

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