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Did my first swim in ages and it was better than expected!

I've migrated to the following setup:

* A virtual machine in Linode cloud
* The VM runs wireguard and redirects traffic from the ports that I care about
* My server connects to Wireguard

The trick is to initial a connection from the server to the VM when a WG interface is up. As it's the server that is able to connect to the VM (not the other way round).

The solution I came up was to ping VM after a wg0 interface is up. I basically have this:

PostUp = ping X.Y.Z.Z -c 10

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I'm in the process of changing ISP. The new provider is cheaper and faster, but they don't provide a real IP. What would be the best way to redirect traffic from a real IP to a server behind NAT?

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You can discover interesting accounts on the Fediverse by browsing the @FediFollows directory:

Also recommended is Trunk, an opt-in directory of people looking for followers:

There is also an account recommending interesting videos on the Fediverse at:


#FediTips #MastoTips #Fediverse #Mastodon #Follows

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Tomorrow I will launch the curl user survey 2021 with a bunch of questions to users to learn what you think about curl, its future and its features. This annual procedure is really the best and only way we have to get feedback from users at a wider scale.

I've finally tried BTRFS snapshots. Enabled compression and regular snapshots. I hope my setup will work smoothly and reliably.

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@dima do you know of any good opensource hosted whiteboard software?

How is doing? As I'm posting pictures, it might be a better fit.

Today I swam in the ocean for the first time after after I moved to California a year and a half ago! I did swim in the pool and did a couple of open water swim in the Bay before.

Hopefully one day my face will get used to cold water and I'll be as happy as this sea elephant.

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What's the best Android open source distro these days if you want a completely de-Googlized Android phone that can still maybe use Yalp and Micro-G?

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@be I have a pixel 1 that I bought used with lineage on it. Definitely curious about both of those - would love to get feedback from folks who have tried them out!

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Finally got x86 LineageOS to be emulated on my desktop... ASOP is a beast of a large project.

@pixel the reason I changed accounts is that I've just set up a server to centrally manage user accounts for various services I'll be hosting on my server

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