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My was delivered this morning! It's an absolutely gorgeous piece of hardware. Setting it up was nothing but pleasure.

Today I spend quite some time putting together an new Ikea desk frame with motors and a desk top I had.

It's a combination of 2 models. I had to drill some holes to put them together. I like the end result.

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Python dev 

In recent years I've got a lot of mileage out of Python, but the packaging, building, distribution story is one that has been in constant flux since I've been developing with it. I never feel like I'm doing it right, and the blog post below confirms I have a boatload of code that is apparently doing it wrong. This shifting packaging story is a constant source of friction in this particular ecosystem, one that makes me wish I hadn't started down the Python path.

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It saddens me somewhat that nearly every database interface library for the last decade or two has huge warnings not to string-interpolate data into your queries right at the top of the documentation and yet SQL injection vulnerabilities still keep cropping up all over the place

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Has anyone else found a good self-hosted open source photo tool to replace Google Photos and Flickr? I'm experimenting with photoprism and it seems almost perfect except that the sync is not automatic and the lack of an app makes sorting while mobile a challenge.

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what are good XMPP clients for Macs and iPhones?

The complexity I had was due to a custom domain setup, networking and containers.

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Finally I've found some time to setup an XMPP server. It's not finished just yet, but it's amazing how ejabbetd and conversations mostly just work.

This morning I learned about the conference in SF. Here I'm am listening to Puthon talks and talking to Python people

What's a good place to register a .com domain?

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Great article just hit talking about SafePKT, an EU funded research project with myself, @sh4l and our excellent colleagues, advancing the art of automatic software verification for Rust code in the PKT ecosystem! 🎉

Is there a good article that explains that story points in agile are about complexity, not the implementation time?

A plus point if it explains that points are implentor independed. So a story worth X points regardless if it's done by an intern or by a senior developer.

And explanation of velocity would be welcome.

P.S. I might be completely wrong, articles that argue for the opposite are also welcomed.

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Ironically, shortly after posting previous message my phone started vibrating without showing any message. After a minute I got a notification for a missed call.

Here we go, we've got a phone that makes it impossible to answer a call!

It might be not a big deal in consumers. But is there really a different set of standards for medical or military use?

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I see poor execution everywhere.

IT "solutions" that are actually poorly created and over engineered pieces put together with duck tape.

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Netflix got me so deep into murder series that I don't see any other genre recommended. YouTube decided not to show the ad skip button when I cast to Chromecast on my phone, but it teases me that I'm "able" to skip an an ad in 5 seconds. I close the app instead.

What if current major content providers loose their market share just because of poor implementation of new features.

I'm back after almost a week long hike in Trinity Alps.

I plan to spend a long weekend and company-wide holiday hiking in Trinity Alps in upstate California.

Yesterday I picked up a backpack and packed. Surprisingly, everything fits including a camera, lenses and food.

I'll use an electronic map in addition to an old school map.

To keep my bottom dry and clean I cut out a shield out of a roll mat.

P.S. I like the term Upstate California, because Bay Area us referred to as "Northern California". Bay area is in the middle, imho!

(as I'm in a chatty mood)

I was also surprised how two products of a big corporation flooded my timeline.

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