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A unix question i periodically ask:

What modern utilities should be a standard part of a modern unixy distro? Why?

I've got jq, pandoc, tldr and a few others on my list, but I'd love to know others; boosts appreciated.

This is another song that sounds different now than it sounded back then.

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I wish the war and suffering in Ukraine to end.

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When I was in highschool, there was a New Year show that invited pop and rock artists to sing together and have fun. That was a neat, fresh and fun to watch alternative to established Russian mainstream shows in mid 2000s.

Back then this video of a Russian, a Ukrainian and a Latvian was just a performance. I could not imagine that there would be time that this would be impossible. Now I'm not even sure that I'll see something similar in my lifespan.

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I'm looking for an offline tool to locally review Git commits/PR

My need is to regularly look for updates in a repository, and mark commits I reviewed myself. This can't be plugged in into an existing repo / tool.

Any idea if something exists?

Let imagine I want to review changes in a package repository after it has been merged upstream, but I want to keep track of my work (and ideally publish it)

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Starting today you can order free COVID tests from the US Government again. Keep you and your family safe by testing this holiday season.

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Honestly the state of the internet is miserable if you're trying to learn things.

Like, you want to learn how to care for an animal? Well, every Google result is a bot generated fake blog. Maybe try YouTube? Well, you have a few new options: there's the person who just got this animal for the first time talking like experts about them. Or there's the literal child telling you what they learned about caring for hamsters from the bot generated fake blogs they just looked up.

This goes for almost anything anymore. There's no expertise, the only advice is just from whoever is the best at SEO, which is often not an actual person. But if it is they probably know as much as you do.

In the last 6 or 7 years I've found myself more and more just digging up ebooks from people who know what the fuck they're talking about.

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Can anyone recommend a good guide for using Free software tools to run and security your own certificate authority, managing keys/certs, deploying certificates etc., for a small network, please, using a mix of Linux, Android, macOS, and iOS?

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I'm not going to be purchasing anything on #bandcamp today, because next friday is bandcamp friday when 100% of sales go directly to artists.

However! I do need some #BandcampFriday recs for next week.

I want to buy music from real people, so bonus points if you're sharing your own music.

It's the holiday season, so I'm also looking at merch and physical copies to go with digital downloads.

I have $1,000 set aside to buy music from real people, mostly to give to other people, for the holiday season, and I'd love for you to help me spend it.


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PyCon US CFP is still open but only for another 3 weeks or so! (Closes Dec 9)

Your tasks:
- submit a talk
- tell others about the CFP
- encourage others to submit a talk
- do an #IceCreamSelfie after your talk


#PyConUS #CFP #Python #conference #publicspeaking

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I'm trying to find a very recent vision architecture with convolutions only that establish a new SOTA using a type of hierarchy of convolution contexts — all the way to average pooling. (This was to replace attention.)

Does anyone remember the paper?

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#introduction toot! Hi 👋 I’m Julia, a #phd candidate #umich doing research in #nlp #nlproc , computational #sociolinguistics , #computationalsocialscience and #polcomm . My work mostly involves using computational methods to analyze subtle linguistic strategies that people deploy in online political discussions.

Help me find friends in any, all, or none of these areas! #introductions

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Hello fellow Emacsen!

Have you taken the Emacs 2022 survey yet? If not, please take ~10 minutes of your time to fill it out! #emacs

I might have came up with a fun project to pick up a functional language.

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A functional language would be a good fit, because then the yaml file would not be different from (python) code, which would allow me to come up with advance compositions without implementing them.

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The main idea behind was to express a pipeline as a dag where nodes perform action in data. The dag is described in a yaml file.

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Are there any pipeline managers written in a functional language? I've implemented my own at work and that ~200 lines of code were doing their job very well.

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The horde refuses to sit still to be photographed, so here are Great Rats Of History: Boy Willie and Mad Hamish, the Mirror Twins. #rats #petrats

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