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Some reflections after using Mastodon for a week.

In general, having control sparks new ideas and hopefully leads to better tools.

I'm not 100% sure, but it might be that case that in this set up I actually never visit media websites Bots, Mastodon server and Pocket do, but all content is delivered to me trough them.

To collect my reading habits, here is a pipeline.

Bots publish RSS feeds into Mastodon. I star and pocket posts I find potentially interesting. I read the news via Pocket and star one I've enjoyed reading.

Things for the future.

There are many repetitive news posts on the same topic, it would be nice to get a deduplicated news feed.

On top of that, it would be nice to filter out topics I'm not generally interested about.

Ads in Instagram got so annoying.

It's amazing how fast we adapt to noisy information.

Setting bots that publish RSS feeds and following them makes it easy to follow news.

There is always something to be read for me in my feed.

Following complete strangers is fun.

Don't take it personally if I unfollow you, though!

is a great client. It was a bit confusing to choose among the alternatives initially.

The feature I like best is how the feed is refreshed. I keep continue reading bottom up and do not miss anything.

Some reflections after using Mastodon for a week.

Yesterday, I did a whole swim set wearing fins in the morning. Then, in the evening, I did a yoga class.

Today, "every muscle hearts". I wonder wether it's because of the combination of activities or some of them.

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@witti waaas??!! heute-show ist kein müll!!!!

I've added a bunch of complete strangers to my feed, let's see whether they keep me here.