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It looks like I've misconfigured certificates for my mastodon instance and some people can't follow me. I'll have a look at the issue when I get time.

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Налил себе пол стакана кваса перед сном, посмоковать. Вспомнил, что он на кофе, пришлось вылить обратно в банку.

The first paper I came across that uses Mastodon for data collection arxiv.org/abs/1807.05013

Что-то мое согласование существительных и порядок слов храмают.

На днях приготовил квас, правда закваска на простых дрожжах.

Сейчас эксперементирую с получившейся закваской: сейчас она пузырится в кострюле с кофе.

Паралельно, делаю закваску на ржаной муки. Думаю, ее пустить на квас и хлеб.

Кроме кофе, попробую заквасить клубнику, а если получится и понравится, то и свеклу.

Proceedings of Workshop for NLP Open Source Software are available at aclanthology.info/volumes/proc

I helped with organizing it and happy with the papers we received.

My first attempt of taking a picture of the night sky and some telephoto experiments.

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« That $35 that scientific journals charge you to read a paper goes 100% to the publisher, 0% to the authors. If you just email us to ask for our papers, we are allowed to send them to you for free, and we will be genuinely delighted to do so. twitter.com/mantia/status/1013 »

— Retweet twitter.com/hwitteman/status/1

First experiments with a 500mm lens.

The night sky is another unlimited photography option. youtu.be/0A3NFrnWTYg

"Understanding exposure" by Brian Peterson is a great book to get familiar with the manual mode.

Other books on photography that I've jecked out in the library are much less informative.

Of course, you get what you pay for, and in comparison to the modern lenses, old ones are behind.

But they are cheap, let you experiment, save money. You can travel and take maybe a bit less perfect pictures, but they are still better than no pictures at all!

Clearly, I have plans on expanding the collection.

I've ordered a 500mm lens.

I want to get a 50mm/1.4 lens for portraits. They are quite expensive, but give a very shallow dept of field. 28mm/2.8 is also in my wish list.

Importantly, I want to get a telecoverter, it's an addon that increments the focal length of an existing lens.

I'm pretty happy with my choice of lenses. Even though I have my favorites focal length considered, some of my lenses are macro and I didn't try macro photography yet.

Who knows, I might have a good macro lens in my bag that I don't appreciate right now.

... than missing it completely, because your camera was writing a previous shot while the runner got right into the focus!!!

... to fully enjoy it, I spent some time mastering my focusing skills (remember, no automatic focus).

It forced me to think spatially. I had to understand where the focus area is before a runner comes and start taking pictures once they enter it.

Another tip. As you take continues shots, makes sure that they are written fast enough so there is no delay. Get the fastest card that is available to you and set the image size to medium or small.

It's ok to have a good shot in a smaller file...

A friend of mine figured out that my 135mm $14.00 lens is the fastest one.

A lens speed is actually quantifying its aperture, or the amount of light it gets trough.

This one is f/2.8.

With a wide open aperture, the shutter speed is the fastest (thus the name).

However, the dept of field is the shallowest. This means that the focus area is limited. It's is usually desired for portraits.

It is also required for action shots, to get them sharp...

At 300mm a slight move on a tripod has dramatic consequences. On my current cheap tripod it's very difficult to point to objects.

This is the main reason I want to invest into a better one.

Right now my "main lens set" is:

* Canon 15-45mm
* Vivitar 28-210mm
* Minolta 100-300mm