The reason I need to log in in the first place is that I use the Temporary Containers extension for Firefox.

Once I close a tab with YouTube, I'll have to login. It's slightly annoying at the beginning but makes me question first whether I really need to visit YouTube.

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@vecna It's still men talking, but I do think you'll see less to object to in Libre Lounge:

At the very least they (mostly) discuss the aspects I'm interested rather than geek out over the components.

Boosting to help you get better answers.

I keep away from Google services just because I can't bother to log in.

In one morning I've learned that there is progress in porting MS Office to Linux and that Twitter announced plans to build decentralized social media protocol.

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For limited time only! If you go to click the Proceedings button you can read an article titled Retrieval of Visually Shared News by yours truly.

It's about all you care about: Twitter, news, propaganda and machine learning.

Have a read. I've enjoyed rereading. Next week I'll present it in Tartu, Estonia.

Yay, i'm back again. My instance run out of space. Media took too much space.

I'm dealing with a codebase full of

<20 lines of code>
except Exception as e:

constructions. It's hard to debug because there is no way to set a breakpoint inside of such try block.

Any suggestions how to deal and eliminate such code?

pip supports constrain files, which is a nice addition to requirements files. So requirements should list packages needed to be installed and constraints versions that need to be used.

Am I the only one who thinks that recent changes to Spotify make actual music listening process worse and are directed towards subscription-based content (read podcasts)?

I even have a friend who is running one. As true friends we could backup relay each other emails. That's what I call trust.

I'm thinking of starting an instance of a federated network called email.

With the American obsession with IPAs and hops in general, my beer choice is usually limited to 1-2 pilsners.

Is there a way to hide boosts of toots of users I follow? I usually see the original message and boosts are redundant in this case.

I went to a local pool this evening. It was surprisingly refreshing.

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Interesting read: Misinformation & propaganda are guaranteed to spring up around pandemics, but they won't have quite the same political baggage as elections. Any solutions & mitigations for pandemics should help against political disinformation too.

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1986: Chernobyl and Northern Italy 

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WSL's default shell setup still does very bad things with SSH and Screen.

Is Putty still the way to go in Windows land? I haven't used a windows box as a daily driver since Vista >_>

The swim today was great. It was one of that rare powerful days when I could push trough the pain and it didn't feel like the end of the world as we know it. Even though I was in the water 5 minutes late, I managed to put my mind in the right mode

After I've restarted Firefox, Google Inbox switched to Gmail... What a good reason to migrate to a self hosted email server.

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