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As I've seen Mosfilm movies on YouTube being mentioned several times, I'll share my recommendation. All of them should have English subtitles.

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I was privileged enough to be born into the language used for the vast majority of scientific papers.
English is used for science not by accident, but due to hundreds of years of colonial domination in academia and elsewhere.
Thus, when an overseas colleague asks for English review, I have to make time to make it happen.
Send me any requests for English review! A nice side effect is that I find it refreshing to read scientific papers focusing on the prose rather than the technical content!

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Does anyone know of any credible articles on the topic of why modern Asian Americans don't suffer from white racism as much as African Americans, and how/why it changed to be this way during XXth century? I remember seeing something credible a couple of years ago but can't seem to find it anymore.

(Boosts are appreciated, of course.)

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Hi everyone, I'm off the grind, and that also means I'm off the dole. I'm running out of money, and I'm looking for a job.

If anyone needs a sysadmin with 6 years of professional and 18 years of hobbyist experience, please send me a DM.

My toolset includes (but is not limited to) the following:

- Nginx
- Caddy
- MySQL / MariaDB
- Proxmox VE
- OpenVPN
- BIND (named)
- PowerDNS
- Postfix
- Exim4
- Dovecot
- 3proxy
- HAproxy
- Quagga/Bird (limited, but still)
- Apache
- ejabberd
- Nagios (nrpe, nsca)
- IPtables
- Logrotate
- systemd
- Nextcloud

I'm open to learning new stuff.

Please repost if nothing else!

Today was the last day to renew my Let's Encrypt certificates. Mission accomplished.

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This is a good thread (sigh), with a relevant punchline: Recognize the early symptoms of ignorance.

@Pinboard: This morning @zeynep asked why Japan and India did not look like Lombardy or NYC. I made a list of the explanations people offered, juxtaposed against a list of reasons experts gave in 1910 to explain the prevalence of scurvy on prolonged polar voyages

@Pinboard: For those who forgot their schooling, scurvy is a vitamin deficiency disease due to lack of ascorbic acid in the diet. It is fully curable with a small quantity of almost any fresh food. The disease manifests in extraordinarily complex ways that betray its simple etiology.

@Pinboard: My point is twofold. First, don't neglect your vitamin C! Second, if your explanation for something is a complex quilt of reasons, and those explanations don't give you predictive power, then you don't understand what you're explaining. Recognize the early symptoms of ignorance.

@Pinboard: I wrote a long essay on how the cure for scurvy was lost and found without anyone noticing, which I will promote again because it bears directly on the topic of fooling ourselves about what we know, and having high confidence in inadequate explanations

@Pinboard: I understand that the Solar System is a complex place, a chaotic dynamical system that can't be reduced to simplistic laws just to satisfy a human desire for order. The epicycles in the model reflect the complexity inherent in Nature. Any attempt to simplify is anthropic fallacy.

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The Redaktor AcitvityPub-powered CMS by @sl007 is being used in conjunction with Ushahidi for community COVID-19 request/response

After migrating postgres for this instance to a machine at home from a cloud, i've moved mastdodon. Proxy and DNS records left.

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A cult movie because of appearance legendary underground bands of the 80.

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