This person who just followed me, @pixel, has one of the most solid reading lists on their website I've ever seen:

Thanks for putting this together!

@emsenn @pixel That's indeed a nice idea to put a reading list on ones website 🤔 Might do this too. Blogroll + Reading List added to my Todo list 😊

@jlelse Mine isn't live rn because I broke my website but I have one too. One thing I like about this one that I do in mine - at least this one seems to be - is that they're all freely available texts! @pixel

@jlelse It seems not! A lot of folk who have reading lists have nothing but printed books too, which is cool but not too helpful to me. @pixel

It started as page for a seminar I've organized when I was a PhD student. I update it when I need to navigate myself in a new area and be able to point to other people that there is that cool paper that I came across recently. Under the hood it's Pelican and a plug-in that reads my binliography file.


@emsenn @jlelse
I try to find an accessible link to a paper, so that I could share it.

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