defining "gimp" 

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Tbh even those whose native or primary language isn't English could easily learn the word's meaning and start using it to hurt others.
Eg. if an unpopular kid in class is a huge fan of the software, others could make fun of them for it and start referring to them with the slur.

defining "gimp" 

@grainloom @rey @hirojin That can happen with any word. I've been made fun of with many stuff. I think changing names of stuff is not the solution to this problem :D


defining "gimp" 

Naming things that don't have negative connotations internationally is difficult. Take for example, Mitsubishi Pajero, or Windows Vista (vista in Latvian means a chicken). A phonology professor at my masters mentioned that he was giving consultations to companies to avoid such situations.

I really don't know what this particular project should do though.

@grainloom @rey @hirojin

defining "gimp" 

@pixel @grainloom @rey @hirojin Pajero is a really good one.


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