In one morning I've learned that there is progress in porting MS Office to Linux and that Twitter announced plans to build decentralized social media protocol.

@pixel do you have a link to the Twitter announcement?

@pixel I answered my own question.

I couldn't find anything on google news but I found this


@kai yes, that's what I saw. As a fediverse user, that stream of tweets feels extremely ignorant to me. If you are willing to invest money, explore the status quo.

Honestly, I'm afraid that Twitter could do what Google did with XMPP. Implement and promote it in the beginning, get a dominant position and cut off others.

I also think, that there might be some much deeper reasons why distributed solutions are preferred. Legal, for example.

@pixel Yeah, the first thing I thought of is facebook encrypting messages so that they have no legal obligation to police the content.

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