To continue with my mastodon deployment updates, my instance has moved to a "server" in a closet room from my workstation.

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The server is in a 1U supermicro case with a supermicro motherboard. Storage is a stadom to boot, and a 1TB Intel 660p SSD with btrfs as the main drive.

The CPU is E3-1220L v2. It has low TDP: 17W and supports up to 32GB of memory.

The CPU and PSU choice was based on my desire to build a small, cool and quiet server. That's why there are no Heads, initially I wanted a totally quiet system with no moving parts.

It's possible to build a silent system, but it will cost a lot. I've decided to build near silent system that doesn't disturb my sleep.

Walk in closets are very good in absorbing noise, so my goal is somewhat feaseable.

The stock fan would be enough (you can see it as a black circle right behind the front panel), but it's loud. Server grade hardware is loud!

There are some options for a CPU fan that fits into a slim 1U case.

My first choice was an all metal fan that is both a fan a and a heat sync. It was designed by Sandia labs, and I guess that Rosewill got a license. It works totally fine when the case is open, but with the case closed, the system heats to 60°C.

I ordered Dynatron blower fan as it blows air from side, not from top. However, I could not try is as I've ordered a wrong moun. It will go to my secondary server.

Satadom stands for "disk on module" and is used as a more reliable alternative to USB pen drive to boot a system. The saved drive bay could be used for a HDD.

A life hack, as the photo shows CMOS batteries. Two CR2016 batteries can be stacked together and used where a CR2032 battery is needed as they differ in capacity and height. In CR2016, 20 stands for the diameter in millimeters and 16 for the height, also in millimeters.

Unless you go with recent (read expensive) supermicro motherboards and fancy (read expensive) supermicro satadoms, you will need to provide a dedicated power source. My particular model needs 5V, coinsidantly, this is what USB provides. My hacked together adapter that connects the power cable to USB power lines works just fine.

The M2 to pcie adapter is on the right from the CMOS battery. This is a special low profile adapter that fits into 1U form-factor.

@pixel I also have great experience with Seasonic PSUs.

@guofu I got it because it was recommended as a silent option by someone on r/homelab

@pixel Nice cable modem and router! I have nearly the same. Also beautiful server.

@guofu thank you. I got this particular router because my parents hat the original WRT back in the days. Also, I got a good deal.

@pixel Which router? I got a WRT1900AC for $12 from Goodwill! I was so happy! Range is three houses in either direction.

@guofu I have the same, but I paid more than $12. Still it was cheaper than other options that would be over $200

Where/how did you start? I'm very interested in starting an instance of my own but am a total noob to it.

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