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It has been a year since I've got my car. It had 135k miles when I got it. In a year I rode 13k without major issues. I had to fix quite a few things to pass the state inspection, change tires, so the service expense constitutes a half of my spending. A quarter is insurance and registration taxes. A fifth is gas. It looks that the case prices are going up, but that could be also a seasonal thing. What I didn't expect is such a big variance in price between different stations and states.

The example he provides also illustrates that not much progress has been made towards respectful communication.

I'm reading a paper by J. Paolillo titled "Conversational" Codeswitching on Usenet and Internet Relay Chat" His description of Usenet and IRC totally qualifies as a futuristic killer of Twitter. But then you see the years of references and remember that these system predicted social media long time ago.

I'm back from the East Coast trip. Here is a picture of the Niagara falls.

A Spotify rant. 

На днях приготовил квас, правда закваска на простых дрожжах.

Сейчас эксперементирую с получившейся закваской: сейчас она пузырится в кострюле с кофе.

Паралельно, делаю закваску на ржаной муки. Думаю, ее пустить на квас и хлеб.

Кроме кофе, попробую заквасить клубнику, а если получится и понравится, то и свеклу.

"Understanding exposure" by Brian Peterson is a great book to get familiar with the manual mode.

Other books on photography that I've jecked out in the library are much less informative.

A friend of mine figured out that my 135mm $14.00 lens is the fastest one.

A lens speed is actually quantifying its aperture, or the amount of light it gets trough.

This one is f/2.8.

With a wide open aperture, the shutter speed is the fastest (thus the name).

However, the dept of field is the shallowest. This means that the focus area is limited. It's is usually desired for portraits.

It is also required for action shots, to get them sharp...

At 300mm a slight move on a tripod has dramatic consequences. On my current cheap tripod it's very difficult to point to objects.

This is the main reason I want to invest into a better one.

After some experiments, I realized that I like telephoto lenses, so my second order was more targeted.

28-210mm and 100-300mm cover most of my needs. I really was hunting for a >200mm lens. And got other to get free delivery! 28-210mm felt very lucrative.

This is my first order. It let me to experiment with telephoto lenses (135mm and 200mm) and a wider 28-85mm zoom lens.

It was really a moment when I realized that I need a tripod. The beauty of a tripod is that you can take you time and set up everything in your own tempo.

Here are the lenses I've got.

I got the Canon lens with the camera. It's great for taking wide shots, has autofocus, but feels like driving a car with an automatic transmission :)

Other lenses is the result of my random search of

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