I'm staying late to listen a morning radio show on BBC 6

@gemlog because of some corporate practice, it might be beneficial to have office on Linux. Think of approvals. It's very difficult to get software installed on request even if it's available in a repository (git for example). Peoe know what MS Office is and it was most probably been approved.

In the ideal world there would no be reason to have MS Office on Linux, but it might be bener to have it to operate in certain corporate environment.

@gemlog mostly to check what new videos are there. I could probably avoid logging in all together, but it's convenient.

@gamayun It's not an easy read, but i'm giving it a chance

I would not write all that, if Chesterton didn't go to America and wrote about it. This is how he begins:

The BBC, by the way did a good job and they managed to show the issues England currently faces

Chesterton, converted to Cathoilicism from Anglicanism, in that twist comparison to Sherlock is even more interesting.

Some even say that Chesterton, the author of Father Brown, is a better writer than Doyle.

The TV series is based on a series of stories. The stories themselves are contrasted to Conan Doyle's Sherlock Holmes. While Sherlock is all about pure reasoning, Brown is more about human psychology and morality.

Have you watched Father Brown? It's a BBC series available on Netflix, at least in the US. It's about a Roman Catholic priest who solves murders.

@feoh I have it. Still, I would need to find my phone and approve me logging in. That's too much effort.

The reason I need to log in in the first place is that I use the Temporary Containers extension for Firefox.

Once I close a tab with YouTube, I'll have to login. It's slightly annoying at the beginning but makes me question first whether I really need to visit YouTube.

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@vecna It's still men talking, but I do think you'll see less to object to in Libre Lounge: librelounge.org/

At the very least they (mostly) discuss the aspects I'm interested rather than geek out over the components.

Boosting to help you get better answers.

I keep away from Google services just because I can't bother to log in.

@alcinnz I agree. Is MS interested in ability of others to read their file format? I really don't know and I'm very sceptical.

@kai yes, that's what I saw. As a fediverse user, that stream of tweets feels extremely ignorant to me. If you are willing to invest money, explore the status quo.

Honestly, I'm afraid that Twitter could do what Google did with XMPP. Implement and promote it in the beginning, get a dominant position and cut off others.

I also think, that there might be some much deeper reasons why distributed solutions are preferred. Legal, for example.

@alcinnz I don't know. Would it matter though?

In one morning I've learned that there is progress in porting MS Office to Linux and that Twitter announced plans to build decentralized social media protocol.

@isagalaev @veer66 how is flatten different from iterttols.chain.from_iterable?

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