After I've restarted Firefox, Google Inbox switched to Gmail... What a good reason to migrate to a self hosted email server.

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If a 13" MacBook Air user asked you for a recommendation for a #FreeBSD or #OpenBSD notebook to replace the Air, i.e. same-ish size/form factor, with reliable WiFi, working suspend, 8+ GB RAM, 500+ GB SSD and a good keyboard, what would you respond? #followerPower

да, если использовать только материалы на английском, то могут быть сложности с общением на русском с коллегами. "Баги в тулзах" и прочие прелести.

На английском больше материалов. При прочих равных, скорей всего не имеет значения.

Разве сам отчёт доступен? Белый дом его прочитал и опубликовал вывод, что связи не было. Только это интерпретация Белого дома. Интересно, какие меры будут приняты во время следующих выборов. Вот статья по теме


The whole quote makes more sense, as usually people use just the part of it to justify lack of their programming skills.

I'm reviewing for and just got the papers. Looking at the titles, all fo them seem interesting to me.

@twsh @erosdiscordia Actualy, in a toxic stream of messages I see, the truth doesn't matter, propaganda doesn't matter. It is building of negative (disgusting) image of "others". The lies, bad luck or failures are just excuses to mock them.

@twsh @erosdiscordia I'm interested in counteraction to propaganda. So far, I see a lot of toxic comments, which might be classified as hate speech. "Might", because I don't want to jump into conclusions.

I' yet to find examples of reframing. This is what Lakoff talks about and gives concrete examples how it should be done in the debate between US Conservatives and Democrats.

@erosdiscordia @twsh It does. George Lakoff in "Don't Think of an Elephant" uses this idea as one of the building blocks of a constructive political debate. The other one is the understanding of the moral system of the other side. All that spiced up with a bit of psychology and neuroscience.

Amazing. Especially  "...the important ways that power is enacted through discourse, how speech acts can prepare the way for physical and material acts, and how speech generates permissions for actions hitherto uncountenanced"

I've printed so much that papers don't fit into my backpack

It's time to read about hate speech. Any recommendations? Research papers, studies?

@socrates and Scholar Social in general.

Do you know a study which looks into why people share news on social media? What's people intent?

So far, I see that people might just share a news story they find important or give their opinion/comment. On a meta level, one can comment on the quality of a news outlet. Or even call out fake news and propaganda.

Are there studies that classify shared content similarly?

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