Am I the only one who thinks that recent changes to Spotify make actual music listening process worse and are directed towards subscription-based content (read podcasts)?

I even have a friend who is running one. As true friends we could backup relay each other emails. That's what I call trust.

I'm thinking of starting an instance of a federated network called email.

With the American obsession with IPAs and hops in general, my beer choice is usually limited to 1-2 pilsners.

@jfpkdsnm я вас добавил в фоловверы. Бот постит приватные посты.

Мать отгораживает сына от опасностей реального мира?

Good luck with your journey! Feel free to ask questions if you have any.

I've got a better example: без шелка and что это за щелка? Now I need to come up with an ambiguous sentence pair.

Is the difference similar to German shon and schön?

It's not exactly a minimal pair, but think of шок in Он испытал настоящий шок (He experienced a real shock) and щек in У него лицо без щёк (He has got a face without cheeks).

Is there a way to hide boosts of toots of users I follow? I usually see the original message and boosts are redundant in this case.

I went to a local pool this evening. It was surprisingly refreshing.

Я прям заинтригован. Может там в основном насыпь, а сам мост не такой большой.
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re: defining "gimp" 

re: defining "gimp" 

re: defining "gimp" 

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