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Who are the people behind ActivityPub specification?

What was their motivation to come up with such a cool idea?

The proceedings of the conference I've submitted a paper to are available online at

My papers describes an attempt of building a multilingual corpus. It's also available at together with the data. @sptnkmmnt The SSL setup should be fixed now. You should be able to subscribe to me :)

I had two `server {}` entries for the host (one for http and one for https), nginx didn't really like it.

It has been a year since I've got my car. It had 135k miles when I got it. In a year I rode 13k without major issues. I had to fix quite a few things to pass the state inspection, change tires, so the service expense constitutes a half of my spending. A quarter is insurance and registration taxes. A fifth is gas. It looks that the case prices are going up, but that could be also a seasonal thing. What I didn't expect is such a big variance in price between different stations and states.

Думаю, что пора переехать с gmail на свой сервер. Из плюшек хочется удобного интереса как у Inbox и шифрования. Понимаю, что это больше про клиент, чем про сервер, но что нынче популярно? Postfix с Squirrelmail ещё актуален? Что использовать на декстопе?

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Hello dear #Fediverse, I'm calling for your help in the development of another implementation of #ActivityPub to federate with everyone. There is a nice place which started more than 10 years ago as a microblogging service via Jabber/XMPP. Over the years the support of posting/commenting via Telegram and by email were added. And now it's time to move further - implement ActivityPub and federate!

Current developer has already done great job in learning specs and implementing the protocol. But he is facing some issues which he can't solve himself.

This is a post (in Russian) about where he is stuck:
And there is my translation below.
Please, contact him if you beleive you can help. Thanks a lot!

So I completely understood specs, implemented those in Juick and can consult others. 8) It's just not federating with other existing instances:

1) #Mastodon - public servers show profiles from Juick, number of followers and number of messages. But they don't show messages themselves. It's not clear how to diagnose. They don't reply to my bug reports ( ). I also can't run it locally: out of 1Gb of ruby-scripts 500Mb of ruby-scripts with native extentions don't compile successfully on a Mac (how did they manage to use such extentions which are not working on a favourite OS of Ruby developers?). On Linux it also fails most likely due to lack of 1Gb RAM in the virtual machine.

2) #Pleroma - starts perfectly but it shows only avatars from Juick, the rest - not. And it constantly floods logs with database constraint errors (after searching a user it records this in its db, and then second search doesn't work as it assumes the user already exists!)

3) #Misskey - that either Japanese or Chinese product, looks weird itself... and I couldn't find user search there.

What else can I do? I'm ready to drop this and just leave email for users... :)

Я вот думаю, мне сейчас удалять RSS ботов от сюда, делать их приватными или подождать развития событий с новыми директивами.

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Found an interesting spam/scam scheme today:
- Attacker posts their link that redirects to a legit news article
- Twitter resolves the redirect to news article
- Twitter hides link from Tweet and displays Twitter Card with news domain
- Attacker changes redirect to spam site

The Tweet now displays a legit looking Twitter Card with the news website domain, but actually goes to the scammer.

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We've got more big news.

For the past year, we've been working to reach the rising number of mobile users worldwide.

Introducing Tor Browser for Android (alpha), the mobile browser with the strongest privacy protections ever available.

Help us test it before the stable hits!

Download it now from GooglePlay:

Learn more about it:

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Public toots are public content on the internet. You should have no expectations at all on how *public* content will be used by third-parties.

Fediverse "data mining" is a non-problem and will not be solved my manually blocking accounts or instances...

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Since some people are talking about the “death of the URL” … again … it felt like the right time to re-post something I wrote 2 years ag on the topic including a link to research that seems to indicate people DO know what URLs are.

Frendica supports subscription to RSS feeds, I want to give it a try some day soon.

In my opinion, Facebook and Twitter took a step back by taking the moderator role away from their users and assigning it to algorithms, social network employees. Yes, you can hide things, so they are not shown to you, but that will not change the social norms in the community.

Mastodon and other ActivityPub implementations can shine in this respect by giving their users the tools not only to hide content but also expressing the social norms.

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I'm working on a blog post called "The case for trying Mastodon, a decentralized social network."

Got a community question for y'all: as far as topic-centric instances go, what happens if a user posts mostly general stuff? Or rarely posts about the instances topic?

Do they get a warning/kick from the admin? Is it a sort of 'Mastodon faux pax' that instances deal with in their own way? Have you seen cases of any of this happen?

#Mastodon #questions #BlogPosts

The rest of the article is great. I recommend it to everyone on the fediverse, not only to people who are interested in codeswitching. The article is available at The whole journal worth checking as well.

The example he provides also illustrates that not much progress has been made towards respectful communication.

Also the move to synchronous conversation (IRC) from asynchronous (email) could be explained by a speculation that in late 2000s companies needed to access/store lots of data to train their systems. Now there is so much data, that there is no need to store it, training systems on a stream (that is seeing an instance once) is enough. Thus amove to self destroing emails and stories.

One could argue that they have scaled it up to serve (read earn) millions, but that's not an OH-MY-GOD-THATS-SO-COOL acomplishment.

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