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Что надо набрать в гугле, чтобы найти пример такого работающего кода:

(new Map([[1, 'a'], [2, 'b']])).values().map(v => v.upper())

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#SoyuzMS10 ballistic abort & consequences 

So what does this mean for science in space?
Well first of all while there are alternative vehicles that can deliver cargo to the ISS, there is currently no other crew-rate vehicle besides the Sojus. Due to the investigations about the recent problems (today's malfunction and the mysterious hole that was discovered a few weeks back) it is uncertain when the next Sojus will be allowed to launch.

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#SoyuzMS10 balistic abort 

So as you might have heard something went wrong during the #SoyuzMS10 launch today. There was a malfunction during booster separation. The crew was able to use the launch escape system to get to safely back to ground. This was the first malfunction of this magnitude since 1983 (Sojus T-10-1) and the first malfunction directly during launch since 1975 (Sojus 18a).

Вчера выбрались в горы с коллегами. Понял, что получается или фотографировать только природу (но одному или в очень маленькой компании), или людей (но тогда особо без природы). В этот раз нащелкал много портретов.

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"IRL sunglasses block all the light emitted from screens" 😎 With more and more outdoor advertising becoming screen-based, these sound a bit like real-world ad blockers! Also kinda interesting to think about them on the opposite end of the scale to VR glasses (which block out real life) and in future being able to dial the real world up and down as we like...

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What if we could follow hashtags on mastodon? Would you guys like that?
If so, join the discussion here:

Думаю отложить запуск реле мастодона на некоторое время. Оказывается, не реле собирает контент с серверов, а сервера передают контент реле.

Google doesn't show urls anymore in the search results. Compare this to duckduckgo, where the urls are shown.

I don't trust to whatever Google uses to identify a resource, I want to see the url to decide whether I want to visit that page.

I've considered my $3.5k 12 year old Toyota to be expensive. Appwrantly, it's nothing comparing to the car prices in Cuba.

Думаю запустить реле для пополнения федеративной ленты на моем инстансе, а то она не особо отличается от моей личной.

Планирую ретранслировать русскоязычный федиверс и тематические англоязычные инстасы: IT, наука и так далее.

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I lied to myself I started reading right away:

"Automated processes are often far less impressive than the puffery and propaganda surrounding them imply—and sometimes they are nowhere to be seen. Jobs may be eliminated and salaries slashed but people are often still laboring alongside or behind the machines, even if the work they perform has been deskilled or goes unpaid. "

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If you're ever in a situation where your toots aren't federating or re federating slowly from one instance and you want to boost them from a different one, you can

- right-click copy-paste the how-long-ago-tooted bit in the upper-right; this will give you a URL for that toot

- search for that URL on the instance you want to boost from

It should come up and you can boost away! #MastoTips #MastoHelp

Интересное отношение к Нобелевской премии. В одном случае ее получают конкретные учёные, в другом ее просто дают.

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hey i'm really curious about gender-neutral pronouns in different languages. english has "they", plus a bunch of different neopronouns. what do you use in your language?

(boosts would be great to cast a wider net on this, thx)

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