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I've started a machine learning project using TemsorFlow. The first thing I've learned is to start small, implement all the functionality and only then move to a real task.

As an experiment to use Spotify less often, I'll give a try as the default radio in my car.

A big plus is that I won't listen to the same music over and over again. The only worry I have is that I'll pay for the data about what I'm paying right now for Spotify.

It's also a good time to donate to somafm!

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Hi there... how is it difficult to build a front-end for Mastodon?..

There were several discussions here and there about implementing a support for ActivityPub in forums etc... May it be an idea to come from another end? I've been just looking at Pinafore... and thought...

What if represent toots with their related replies in a tree form? That would help to follow a conversation much easier.

Or visualise each toot as a "topic" in a forum-like view (table with replies). Many topics would be without answers then, but who cares. :)

Does this trigger any positive feedback in anyone? Thanks.

#mastodon #client #development #ideas

I start thinking of large IT companies as drug dealers. It really helps using social media less often.

Usually, a paper is mostly done once I get an appropriate plot to show the results. This time I feel I've came up with a good title, or at least a section name, that distills the argument.

I must be the only person ordering macchiato on my way to work. Every time I make the order, the reaction is yeap, macchiato, that's Dimitri.

I keep reading Sociolinguistics and language education. Today I've learned that, regarding the intercultural interaction, my view is much closer to discursive-constructionust perspective than sociostructural/rationalist.

Among many aspect, I see cultural diversity as an interactional resource, and I don't see it being hazardous, source of miscommunication.

The chapter on language and culture is as great as others in the book.

MoMath: National Math museum in New York. It's a lot of fun for kids and a lot of expenses for the adults.

"Дивизия" недавно выпустила альбом, очень вовремя повзрослев.

@rf, а вы что думаете?

Что надо набрать в гугле, чтобы найти пример такого работающего кода:

(new Map([[1, 'a'], [2, 'b']])).values().map(v => v.upper())

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