I'm sorry Russian.

шоколад and щоколад

are just going to have to sound the same. The good news is no one can hear me reading aloud in my head anyway!

It's not exactly a minimal pair, but think of шок in Он испытал настоящий шок (He experienced a real shock) and щек in У него лицо без щёк (He has got a face without cheeks).

Nice example! I couldn't think of an example with actual ambiguity... I usually mention щит and шут, where the difference is very audible.


I've got a better example: без шелка and что это за щелка? Now I need to come up with an ambiguous sentence pair.

@pixel @gamayun I only chose those because the voice sample on the page makes the sounds fairly clear to my ear.
Ah. And then I didn't post the page! Here it is:

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